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July 10 2015

That guy lost his cool at dr dre

July 08 2015

Broke his neck
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July 06 2015

Not his day
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Student Rick-rolls his teacher in a physics paper.
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July 02 2015

No wonder his back hurt so bad
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June 28 2015

Cant f*cking remember his name though
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June 25 2015

When Leo won his second Best Actor Golden Globe tonight

June 19 2015

A teenage balloon and his struggles with acne

June 13 2015

He grow up to become his hero

May 29 2015

She wasn't his type to begin with

May 27 2015

Spock doing his job
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May 11 2015

I built the cat a fort the look on his face says it all

May 08 2015

It all makes sense now! No wonder he forgot his toys!

May 03 2015

Take this time to appreciate this guy who took his time to type all that

May 02 2015

Finally I know how Stewie Griffin got his football head. I can die in peace now.
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May 01 2015

I wonder how much his tickets were
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April 25 2015

My Dad is 40, his GF is 21. I'm 19, my GF is 24

April 11 2015

One of my Gf's cats has a heart on his butt

April 07 2015

His daily Starbucks
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March 31 2015

At least he didnt like his own status
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